I am beginner and faced lot of fake peoples in youtube fkae crowd. Then by grace of God I came to your channel and it was life changing turn. Getting Genuine mentor is very hard and I am proud to say that I got my Guruji - A real mentor. Few things which makes CHART COMMANDO a unique platform like.  Read More
                                          -Avdhesh Bhele

This Is The Best Decision In My Life. It is Being A Great Experience To Attend class of (Chart Commando), Mr.Mahesh Patil, He is Good Faculty and gave Personalised Service about Market-Related questions, Had a Nice Experience with Chart Commando. One Of The Best Institute To Learn Financial Stock Market.
                                          -Santosh Mulik

He is just awesome. In his every line there is the reflection of experience gained over 17 years of hard work. Really a path finder for us who are new to trading. Lucky enough to have such a mentor. Thank you.
                                -Debashis Sahoo

Hello sir, today morning session was super, RSI perfect use and price action in very simple way. this both in different time frame for long term, swing and intraday you teach in very sweet and simple way... I fill myself LUCKY to join Chart Commando in Being of my Trading Journey... Thank you, sir, for Shearing your valuable Knowledge with us.... I am Thanks to GOD also to give me mentor like you... Words are less to express .... Thank you.
                                      -Kailash shekatkar

Chart commando is best channel for learning. The ICC training is very nice and mentor knows how to teach difficult systems in easy ways with maintaining light atmosphere during learning. About strategies rsi, macd, BB, Elliot wave, Fibonacci, investing strategies all are easily explained. Also after learning the practical approach very nice to make successful trader.
                                          -suresh ganvir

Dear sir, You helped me cut through the noise and led me to realize where i should focus my mind, money and time. Isn't it true that we can achieve so much if we focus at the right place... And you delivered your experienced advice to me in very effective + inspiring way. You are a very good mentor with great sense of humour. Regards Rahul Jain ICC Student
                                                 -Rahul Jain

Hi sir jai commando guru kasa asava yache sakshat rup mhanje tumhi mi khup nshibvan samajto swatala ki aaplya sarkha guru mala bhetla tohi ya kaliyugat jo manapsun aani jivachya aakantane madat karnyas divas ratra zatat ahe.aapli samjanyachi padhat te example hasat khelat kadhi session samplatat tech kalat nahi sadhya sopya strategy mast sunder. dev karo tumchi sagli swapne puri hovo ashi mi ishwar charni prarthana karto ani pudhil vatchali sathi khup khup shubhecha deto.
                                                                                                                                                          -Dattatray rane